PreNatal Massage with the bodyCushion™

Pregnancy and giving birth put your body through dramatic changes in a very short period of time.  Receiving massage during your pregnancy can help with a wide range of effects from these rapid physical changes as well as support your emotional and mental state by increasing relaxation.  Physically, your center of gravity is changing, which affects your entire physical structure.  Because of this you may experience lower back pain, hip pain, tension in your neck and shoulders, and aching joints.  From having an increased blood supply you may also experience fluid retention and swollen feet and ankles.

All of these conditions can be greatly reduced by receiving regular massage throughout your pregnancy.   I have worked with hundreds of pregnant women to help them feel more comfortable and enlivened during this unique time.  For many of them, receiving massage regularly is what made the difference between a very uncomfortable pregnancy and feeling healthy and energized through their entire pregnancy.

As relaxing as massage can be, during pregnancy even laying down can be very uncomfortable. By using the bodyCushion™ during your session, we can make sure you are fully supported so that you can relax completely. By supporting the bony structures(hips, pelvis, legs and rib cage) you will be able to lay prone (face down) during your session easily and safely without compromising your baby and belly.

Postpartum Massage

Going through childbirth is a very intense experience for the mother no matter which way it unfolds for you.  Then the baby is here and you’re on 24/7!  Receiving massage in the weeks and months immediately following your birth supports your body in its transition from being pregnant to being a mother.  By getting massage regularly, we can work to help your body’s structure to realign.  By increasing circulation, massage therapy supports the immune system, which can become compromised from a lack of sleep during your child’s first year.  Starting a habit of receiving regular massage to support you in motherhood is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.