Integrative Deep Tissue

I call my approach to deep tissue *integrative* for two reasons.  Integration means allowing your whole body to assimilate and digest the work that we’re doing so that all of you benefits.  While we will work on a specific issue, I find that working your whole body as well creates longer lasting and more effective results.

We work together to uncover the underlying patterns of pain, understanding that there is an interconnectedness of all systems in the body.  This integrative approach also allows us to uncover the root cause of the tension and discomfort.  You may come in complaining of pain in your thigh and hip, not realizing that the pattern orginates from an old injury in your ankle.

Deep Tissue is focused bodywork applied to specific areas of injury or chronic tension.  By using various massage techniques for warming and deep pressure, we work through layers of connective tissue and muscle to release tension, realign muscle fibers, and free nerve pathways so that they may function optimally.  By working with your breath and going slowly, you will learn to be able to relax and release your body while you receive deep work.

Some of the Deep Tissue Techniques I use are Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy. Both these techniques address holding patterns in your soft tissues.  When there are adhesions and restrictions in your connective tissue, you have reduced circulation, limited movement, and decreased nerve communication.  The restriction of connective tissue is what often creates the feeling of chronic pain and tension.  Releasing these restrictions are key to restoring full function to your body. I also use deep stretching technique called PNF to help increase range of motion and restore function to joints.